• The Founders

    Joseph D. Mancano & Mark E. Cedrone

Mark E. Cedrone and Joseph D. Mancano, are baby boomers  who were raised in working-class neighborhoods in South Philadelphia.  Joe is the son of a carpenter, while Mark was raised in a household headed by a union trucker.  Although born and raised several city blocks from one another, they did not meet until adulthood.  Their similar backgrounds instilled in them both values of hard work, honesty, and love of family.  Being of modest means, and  from immigrant neighborhoods, Joe and Mark both worked their ways through college and, ultimately, law school. 

Joe and Mark met in 1987 as young associates at Duane, Morris & Heckscher, a large Philadelphia law firm.  There, they worked together in the firm’s “Special Litigation Department” which, at the time, was one of the few sophisticated criminal practices being conducted within the confines of large law firms.  Once they began working together, Joe and Mark realized how much they had in common, both personally and professionally.  Although they both ultimately left Duane, Morris & Heckscher to pursue other career opportunities, their common heritage and dedication to the law and their clients forged a strong personal and professional bond. 

Over the years, Joe and Mark successfully collaborated on many occasions, even though they were never formally affiliated.  After many years of considering practicing together, Joe and Mark finally decided that it was time to form a law firm where they can practice together, advance their ideals, and continue to do good work. 

In Cedrone & Mancano, LLC Joe and Mark have melded their shared philosophies and ideals to serve their clients.  They will use their talents and work ethic to continue to advance the interests of clients but, at the same time, recognize the personal, and often psychologically difficult, circumstances in which their clients find themselves.   Joe and Mark believe that clients are not just “clients.”  In many respects, they are part of an extended family deserving of care and attention.  Joe and Mark invest themselves in their clients and they bring personal interests to their cases.  They care about their clients, not just because it’s good business to care, but even more because caring about what they do and how they do it is part of what defines them.