“Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

~ Sir William Blackstone

We represent companies and individuals at all stages of the criminal process, from the initial search warrant or grand jury subpoena through trial and appeal.  Our clients turn to us because we are aggressive advocates with the backgrounds and expertise to craft creative defenses, strategies, and solutions.  We adapt our approach to the specific needs of each client with the objective of delivering the best possible result.  Often, we resolve our client’s legal problems quickly without charges or fanfare.  However, when litigation is unavoidable, we bring decades of experience and success as trial lawyers to the courtroom.

The subject matter of our criminal defense practice is extensive, encompassing a broad spectrum of offenses brought by the government.


One of our attorneys began his career as a prosecutor with the Antitrust Division, U.S. Department of Justice, and has handled antitrust matters for thirty years.  The distinct advantage to our clients is that we understand every issue that arises in the investigation and prosecution of criminal antitrust matters.  We aggressively represent corporations and their officers and employees in price-fixing and bid-rigging matters involving a wide range of industries.  In representing our clients, we are acutely aware of the global nature of modern antitrust enforcement and the challenges that it raises.

Bank Fraud

Ever since the savings and loan crisis of the 1980s and 1990s, bank and financial institution fraud has been an enforcement priority for the government.  More recently, the implosion of the housing market prompted the government to target real estate brokers, mortgage bankers and brokers, title companies, and attorneys, to name a few.  This heightened interest in financial institution fraud has led to enormous penalties for violations.

We routinely represent individuals and businesses in all types of matters involving bank and mortgage fraud, beginning with the grand jury investigation through trial.

Our lawyers understand the high stakes in these cases and our combination of experience and skill gives our clients a clear advantage.

Insurance Fraud

We have extensive experience in representing both individuals and businesses in all types of insurance fraud schemes alleged by the government.  Examples of the insurance fraud allegations our clients have faced involve automobile collisions, theft losses, life insurance claims, workers compensation, fire losses, personal injury, and residential and commercial property claims.  We are adept at handling these matters in both federal and state courts.

Money Laundering

Allegations of money laundering often accompany other criminal charges brought by the government, such as securities fraud, tax evasion or drug trafficking.

Our lawyers regularly represent clients in money laundering cases alleging the use or investment of illegal proceeds.  We have also represented individuals charged with structuring bank deposits to avoid currency reporting requirements.

Public Corruption

Federal and state enforcement authorities view public officials as attractive targets for prosecution.  We are sensitive to the unique set of issues and concerns surrounding the representation of public figures.

Our clients include high-ranking public officials in matters alleging official corruption, including theft of honest services.  Typically, our objective is to avoid criminal charges and the accompanying public attention.  However, when litigation is inevitable, we have the skill and experience to achieve success at trial.

Securities Fraud

The implosion of the financial markets heightened the government’s securities industry enforcement activities.  We have represented clients in securities fraud investigations conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Our clients include individuals and businesses suspected of insider trading and conducting Ponzi schemes to defraud investors.  We also devote our attention to the civil consequences that accompany securities fraud prosecutions.

Tax Crimes

Cedrone & Mancano, LLC’s criminal tax practice combines a deep knowledge of technical tax issues with cutting-edge white collar criminal defense capabilities.  Our team includes a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and a U.S. Tax Court clerk, each with more than thirty years experience litigating and trying criminal tax matters.  We have experience that is unrivaled in representing clients that are under investigation or facing federal or state charges for all manner of tax offenses including tax evasion, filing false returns, failure to file or pay income tax, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and evading state income, sales or other taxes.

Our deep and diverse tax experience also enables us to excel at managing the civil tax exposure faced by clients under criminal investigation.

General Criminal Defense

Our criminal defense practice is not limited to representing clients charged with white collar crimes.

We routinely handle many other types of criminal cases involving offenses against persons and property, and possessing and trafficking in controlled substances and other contraband.